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Why Alzheimer’s Will Be the Fiscal Nightmare of the Century


The Fiscal Times 4/5/2013 -- A new study by the RAND Corporation projects that the cumulative costs of caring for people with dementia could be as high as $215 billion annually in the United States – which would exceed the combined costs of heart disease and cancer. The RAND study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, estimates that by 2040, these costs will nearly double. 

RAND’s research is the latest addition to the growing body of evidence that shows Alzheimer’s is poised to become the fiscal nightmare of the 21st century. Perhaps most notably, their work confirms the World Health Organization’s bold claim a year ago that Alzheimer’s was a “public health priority.” The WHO, to be sure, doesn’t use this language lightly. 

The RAND study also validates the U.S.’s recent launch of its “national plan” to defeat Alzheimer’s. It adds some much-needed vigor to the debate about just how much Alzheimer’s will cost.

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