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Samuel L. Jackson Opens Up About His Family's "Heartbreaking" Struggle With Alzheimer's

Samuel L. Jackson has every reason to take Alzheimer's personally. "My grandfather was the first [family member] to be affected," says the 65-year-old actor (who will co-star opposite Colin Firth in October's Kingsman: The Secret Service). "He was my best friend when I was growing up. It was heartbreaking to reach a point where he didn't know who I was." Next, his uncle was diagnosed with the disease, followed by his mother, then his aunt. "I don't think anybody should suffer the heartbreak of having someone who has nurtured you, taken care of you and loves you reach a point where they can't even call your name."

When Jackson decided in 2012 to get involved in the search for a cure, he turned to the Chicago-based Alzheimer's Association, which has awarded nearly $315 million to more than 2,200 scientists since 1982. 


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