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Sarasota, FL Scientists Excited About Potential Alzheimer's Breakthrough

A discovery that could prove capable of dissolving a major impasse in Alzheimer's disease research has been published by a team of scientists at Sarasota's Roskamp Institute.

The prevalence of Alzheimer's is expected to triple in the next 35 years, with the aging of the baby boom generation, and treatment costs will soar. The frustrating search for a drug that can cure — or at least prevent — this devastating and fatal memory disorder ran up against the reality that its origins are more complex than scientists first thought, and involve at least three ways the human body can fail the brain.

But Roskamp researchers say they have isolated just one mechanism that affects them all.

"We have shown that by disrupting a single enzyme, we can actually control those three different processes," said Daniel Paris, a senior scientist at Roskamp and lead author of the paper published online in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

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