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Nonprofit Fundraising Is Not Enough: Government Needs to Fund More Research for Alzheimer's

Shar McBee - Huffington Post 7/2/2013

Do you plan to live to 85? If you do, there's a 1 in 3 chance you'll have Alzheimer's. Here's the bad news: There is no cure.

A recent New England Journal of Medicine report reveals that Alzheimer's is now the costliest disease in America. The total monetary cost of dementia could be as much as $215 billion a year. (Medicare pays only $11 billion of this cost.)

I was the primary caregiver for my aunt, who was never diagnosed but definitely had dementia for the last five years of her life. For this reason, I took special interest recently when my friend, Chris, temporarily took over the caregiver duties for his dad who has Alzheimer's.

Chris, a single dad with two pre-teen boys, spent one week caring for his father. Juggling work, his kids and a dad with dementia, well... it nearly killed him. "I had no idea how much stress it is for my mom, who is the primary caregiver," Chris laments.

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