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Music Soothes As Alzheimer's Cure Sought

By Megan Milanese, Health News Florida

March 5, 2015 -

Julie Martin sits at a table in a nondescript room at Suncoast Hospice in Clearwater. She strums an instrument called a Qchord, a type of electronic autoharp.

"Hello my friends. Hello my friends," she sings in a slow, comforting voice. "Hello my friends, it's nice to see you today."

Martin, a board certified music therapist, sings "The Hello Song" with every Alzheimer's patient, every time she sees them.  She said music can help these patients reconnect to their lost memories.

"Music goes and reactivates some of that function,” she said. ”And then it can help us to communicate better, it can help our patients to become more aware and alert, and give them a sense of their identity back."

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