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Clinton Lays Out Plan to Find Cure for Alzheimer's Disease


NBC News 12/22/2015 -- Hillary Clinton on Tuesday proposed a $2 billion annual research initiative to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease, the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, in the next decade.

"For me, the bottom line is if we're the kind of nation that cares for citizens and supports families," Clinton said, "then we've got work to do and we need to do it better when it comes to diseases like Alzheimer's."

Clinton's plan would quadruple the amount spent on Alzheimer's research last year and would be paid for by tax reform proposals, similar to other campaign policies she's rolled out.

"We can get payoff on this in ways that right now we can't even imagine," Clinton said at a campaign stop here.

Dozens of hands shot up as Clinton asked the room to show how many people had a connection to Alzheimer's, a fixture of her campaign speech in states across the country.

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