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Dementia and Driving: When to Stop

When should the individual with Alzheimer’s disease stop driving? This question comes up often with caregivers and is one of the most difficult to answer. There is no clear cut answer because it varies from person to person.  But keep in mind, that no matter how difficult it is to take away the driving privilege, safety must be your primary concern.

When a person’s memory and cognitive skills become impaired, driving can be very dangerous for them and for others on the road. Often, caregivers will act as the “co-pilot” and give the person directions. Being the navigator is not enough. The driver must be able to operate the car safely, react to other cars, understand traffic signs and lights and follow the traffic laws.  Caregivers need to closely watch their parent or spouse who has Alzheimer’s to insure it is still safe for them to drive.  

Your spouse or parent should no longer drive if he/she: 

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